Indoni Hair strives to be South Africa’s leading weave, wig and hair accessory supplier directly to the discerning consumer. A good hair day can change your whole attitude and make you feel more beautiful than yesterday.

The word Indoni, is of African origin and means referring to a dark skin, beautiful girl or woman. The word has originated from Zululand. ‘Indoni’ is a berry, or a blackberry which grows on big trees known as Umdoni trees. A black pearl is also often referred to as Indoni.

Indoni  invokes luxury and beauty but at the heart of the brand is the relationship we wish to build with our customers. On the Indoni hair site you will find advise on all types of hair care. From your natural, own hair to weaves and wigs.

We share valuable information on washing, conditioning and storing your wig or weave. We share expert advice from our hair experts and stylists keeping you up to date with the latest trends, products and styles.

You can purchase a single bundle of top quality hair or a full wig and everything in between. Indoni hair aims to be a one stop shop for all you hair requirements whether that be hair, shampoo, conditioner or sleeping scarves. This is the site to visit.

We stock to quality Brazilian, Peruvian and natural hair mixes. When the wig or weave is not natural hair it will be clearly marked. Braids, boxed braid and dreads are mainly synthetic hair but are marked and priced as such.

Follow our social media platforms for tips, styles and the odd bad hair joke.

All deliveries are via a courier so we require a physical delivery address. Payment is Payfast, direct deposit or via our MobiCredit payment plan. Delivery will take place within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee on purchases that are faulty or are not what you ordered, terms and conditions apply. We will even pay for the collection. We are happy to listen to your recommendations because who knows better about what you want for your hair.

We offer payment terms to make it easier for you to receive exactly what you want without compromising quality or length. We know you will become a loyal friend and for that you can earn loyalty points which you can redeem on any product.

We are constantly searching for the best products and styles so keep up to date by revisiting the site and social media platforms.

Tell us what you want more of. Get additional rewards for reviewing the product you purchased and for referrals. Share pictures of yourself and tag us on Instagram at @indonihair and Facebook on

We want you and your friends to become ambassadors of the Indoni Hair brand and take advantage of the specials we run from time to time.

Hair has significant meanings in different cultures and we attempt to be as culturally sensitive as we can. In many cultures women are forced to hide their natural hair. In our blog we will address some of the cultures and traditions that affect how we see our hair. Even if you keep your head covered, your hair will need to be maintained and cared for. Indoni Hair has products just for you. Check out our products section on the site.

We are not the first generation to use wigs or hair coverings. In Egyptian society men and women commonly had clean shaven or close cropped hair and often wore wigs. The ancient Egyptians created the wig to shield shaved, hairless heads from the sun. They also wore the wigs on top of their hair using beeswax and resin to keep the wigs in place. We’ve come a long way since then.

Technology keeps changing and the treatments available to preserve and maintain natural wigs or weaves keeps changing. We will monitor latest developments and keep you up to date. The products you purchased even last year have been surpassed by what’s available on the Indoni Hair site today or even tomorrow.

If you are a salon owner or stylist, talk to us about collaborations. We want to bring you the very best and if we haven’t heard about it please let us know in case we missed it. We may be new but we are passionate about you and ensuring you get the look you want.