Indoni Bendy Hair Rollers


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    Indoni Bendy Hair Rollers 8-Pieces

    I don’t know if you’ve ever used old fashioned curlers that hurt and snagged then the Bendy Hair Rollers are a treat.

    Foam bendy hair rollers are the ideal choice for most hair types because they do not cause the damage that many other styling tools do with excessive heat.

    They work on all hair types and can easily take you from sleek to curls or enhance your already curly hair. All you need to do is use 5-8 bendy rollers during the night and voila, in the morning your hair will be beautifully curly. Or if you have a few spare hours during the day, use the bendy rollers while you get ready for a glam night out! You can even put them in wet hair as the curling process takes place while the hair dries.

    Read our article on how to curl your hair.

    Recyclable. Plastic pvc. Card paper.



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